3 tips for starting a business

1. Be clear about your financial priorities

Many entrepreneurs seek us out, with great entrepreneurship ideas; But when we start to prioritize the activities necessary to meet their objectives, we find that they are not clear about how to start investing their initial budget and they make these mistakes:

  • Acquiring large inventories without testing the market to really determine what your target audience likes.
  •  Robust technological investments without even having determined if the product really generates interest in the market.
  • Not being willing to spend on digital advertising.
  • Do not use organic strategies to have conversions.
  • Not taking into account the distribution, packaging and tax expenses generated by starting a new business
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2. Seek Help - Outsourcing

A common mistake of many entrepreneurs is trying to do everything to save money; It is normal to see them managing, marketing, prospecting, doing logistical work, etc.


This has two serious consequences: First, you don't focus on what you are really good at and like to do.

Second, by trying to do everything you end up doing nothing well, entrepreneurs work more hours a day than a common employee uses this time on what you know how to do best.

It is important to delegate certain activities in which others can be better, more efficient, or at least have more resources to do it, you will end up saving time and money. 

3. Look for Alliances

  • Support yourself from government programs for entrepreneurship. 
  • Look for alliances with other companies for services or products complementary to what you do.
  • Look for online learning tools, there are many free ones.




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