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WHAT IS technical seo?

Technical SEO

It is possible that when you first hear the word “Technical” you may think that it is something extremely complex, and that may lead you to want to avoid it. 

Nothing is further from reality, Technical SEO is a series of modifications and strategies that can be carried out on different websites in order to optimize the technical factors of a web page, thus facilitating its crawling and indexing by the different bots and algorithms. of the search engine. 

Through technical SEO you will have the possibility of making your website visible, positioning it at the top of Google search results.

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Technical SEO will provide you with a series of strategies that will become your right hand to make your company stand out from your competitors, as you will ensure greater visibility in the digital world, thus having a direct impact on your recognition, not only to locally, but you can aspire to be identifiable internationally. 

Being Google, it is essential to keep in mind that through the proper implementation of the With SEO you can get your website to appear on the first page of search results, thus meaning that more people can find out about you.

In this section we must understand that factors such as the structure of the page, the quality of the content and loading times can make a transcendental difference for the recognition of the page by bots and algorithms. 

technical seo experts

WHAT IS technical seo?

What objectives does Technical SEO have?

It could be said that technical SEO has two primary objectives, these being:


The mission of technical SEO is to achieve good positioning in the SERPs, not just highlighting specific content, but seeking to make your entire website visible.

We highlight that by carrying out adequate technical SEO, the probability that your website will be crawled and indexed in a favorable position for you increases drastically.

However, it is important to keep in mind that it is extremely important to ensure that the content you want to provide is of high quality, and follows the recommendations of the SEO structure. 

User experience

In turn, technical SEO seeks to provide a better user experience. Thus ensuring that the latter remains on your website longer.

And by spending more time on your page, the rejection rate is much lower.  

On the other hand, it is at this moment where the waiting time for your website becomes especially important.

Well, having reduced loading times will directly influence the reduction of the bounce rate. This means good news for your page.

It should be noted that by constantly improving the experience on your website, you will ensure that over time more and more users develop a commitment and loyalty to your brand, which contributes positively to the company's name.

Technical SEO

What are the pillars of technical SEO?

Website speed

This is an extremely important factor when talking about technical SEO, since it is crucial to have a fast website so that it can be easily detected by all search engines.

By having a website with long loading periods, or with poor optimization, it is very likely that search engines will overlook it as it is difficult to process, this being something completely opposite to what we are seeking to achieve. 

In order to avoid these problems, it is important to have clean code and not have files that may take a long time to load, such as a large number of images or videos.

Website structure

It is important to have a clear and clean structure that can facilitate the search or navigation for all users who come to you. 

At ROCO Agency we recommend managing a hierarchical organization between the pages and entries that your website has. Well, the clearer the organization of your page is, the easier it will be for you to achieve good search positioning, while improving the user experience.

Responsive design

With responsive design we refer to the possibility that your page can be viewed adequately from any type of device, be it a computer or mobile device. 

Having a blog with a design that is presented as something pleasing to the user's eye is an important factor when thinking about search engine positioning. 

Well, factors such as the size of the letters, buttons and other additions must be constantly kept in mind when finding access on small devices such as cell phones.

technical seo experts

Technical SEO approaches


By implementing the strategies provided by technical SEO, search engine bots will be able to crawl your pages more easily. Once these are crawled, the bots will be able to extract all the necessary information about your site, which will contribute to favorable indexing. of your pages.


Once the bots have successfully crawled your website, the process of indexing your content will begin, all based on the topics your page contains and their relevance. It is thanks to technical SEO strategies that this process will be more effective on your page.

When the page is finally indexed, it may be eligible to rank on the main results pages.


Technical SEO recommends that in order to increase clickability on the website, it is important to keep in mind details such as the importance of a good meta description and the use of keywords in the page titles.


As you may have already noticed, waiting times and possible loading errors that your website server may present seriously hinder the crawling process by search bots. The mission of technical SEO in this case is to avoid these possible altercations.

When the page is finally indexed, it may be eligible to rank on the main results pages.


In this aspect, technical SEO dictates that it is very important to keep in mind the role that links, both internal and external, play within your page. Well, these help bots have a better understanding of how to place your website within the greater search scheme.  

All this thanks to the fact that the links guide both bots and users to related content, thus transferring the importance of the page.

Auladig: Specialists in technical SEO

What do we focus on?

Here at ROCO Agency, Previously known as Auladig, this change highlights our commitment to excellence and innovation, maintaining the quality of services that characterizes us; We have the possibility of having a large group of specialists dedicated to different areas relevant to the digital world, focusing mainly on what is relevant to SEO and all its variants. 

Among our staff we have professionals trained to successfully apply technical SEO on your website, in order to guarantee your growth and visibility on the Internet.

It is thanks to this, the constant dedication and the detailed monitoring that we have for each of our clients, that we can guarantee that your company will be visible and competitive throughout the digital world.

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Benefits of technical SEO

  • URL Optimization
  • Avoidance of duplicate content.
  • Fixed page technical errors
  • Solution to server problems.
  • Source code maintenance.
  • Visualization improvement.

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Why Hire an Agency specialized in technical SEO like ROCO Agency?

Here at Agencia ROCO, formerly known as Auladig, we evolve while maintaining our essence, committed to the excellence and innovation that defines us, we have the possibility of having a large group of specialists dedicated to different areas relevant to the digital world. We have extensive experience in everything that technical SEO includes, and we have the necessary tools to be able to give your website a breath of fresh air.

Within the ROCO Agency team we have everything necessary to venture to be your right hand on your journey through the digital world.

We realize how complicated and scary all of this can look, but rest assured that we are fully willing to take you to the top of the search pages.

We have on our shoulders the history of having had the possibility of supporting more than 600 projects in 10 Spanish-speaking countries.

Put your vote of confidence in us and let's start that path towards the success that you so deserve.

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One of the main objectives of technical SEO is to attract organic traffic to your website in order to increase your chances of being visible in the top positions of Google and other search engines.

Google's algorithm and search engines are constantly monitoring new activity, and in this particular case it is not enough to apply the basic SEO guidelines as these turn out to be easily omitted by search engines. While with the implementation of technical SEO you increase the possibility of acquiring a better positioning in the SERPs of search engines.

SERPs in short words are all the results that appear on the Google page when performing a search.

A well-applied technical SEO will ensure that Google search robots can more easily understand the content of your website.

Do you still have doubts about how to properly apply technical SEO?

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