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SEO specialist

What is an SEO specialist?

SEO specialists are characterized by having extensive professional experience in the area of digital advertising, being very analytical and strategic people. Our main work focuses on the constant implementation of strategies that contribute to the improvement of the website, both in internal structure and visibility. 

We are characterized by:

  • Have knowledge about how search engines work, and the way algorithms work.
  • Have knowledge in programming and website development.
  • Have high training in each of the SEO aspects, such as technical SEO, On page SEO, off page SEO, international SEO, SEO for ecommerce.
  • Understand the movements and states of the market.
  • Have the analytical capacity to understand a graph and make decisions.
  • Have several years of experience growing websites.
  • Have a trained work team to contribute to your strategy.

Why do you need an SEO specialist?

  • You want to make your most important products and services visible. 
  • You want to position your brand as a reference in the market. delivering valuable content to your audience.
  • You want to position yourself locally
  • You already have a WEB site with a lot of traffic and you want it to stay that way.
  • You want to make an important change to your WEB such as migrating domains or completely changing the design.
  • You have an Ecommerce

Before considering “Doing it yourself” you should keep in mind that SEO is a discipline that requires a lot of study time and dedication, as well as a lot of practical experience to perfect theoretical knowledge. SEO specialists are clear about this and that is why we are constantly updating ourselves on trends and changes in algorithms.

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Valentina Pulgarín Orozco


My name is Valentina Pulgarín, I am an engineer, I have found my passion in the digital industry, that is why a couple of years ago I started this project together with my two partners. SEO and SEM Agency of which I feel very proud, because it has helped many businessmen and entrepreneurs to grow digitally, in Colombia, Latin America, the United States and some countries in Europe.

I currently have more than 5 years of experience as an SEO specialist, and developing SEO-optimized websites. Throughout all this time I have had the opportunity to discover tools and build strategies that we could apply to your website to take it to the top.

I am completely excited to be able to accompany you in the digital growth of your business.

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What does an SEO specialist do?

We, as an SEO specialist, are in charge of carrying out the following tasks:

  • Management of strategies to increase visibility.
  • Website audit.
  • Content creation and review.
  • Review of the website structure.
  • Optimization of technical aspects of the website.
  • Technical assistance.
  • Market analysis.
  • Keyword analysis.
  • Link building implementation.
  • Analysis of results.
  • Results reports.
seo specialist

SEO specialists

Agency Experience

Previously known as Auladig, we have given way to a new identity: ROCO Agency. This name change reflects our evolution on this path. Although the name has changed, who we are has not changed. ROCO Agency remains committed to you, our clients. This is an exciting chapter in our history, and we look forward to sharing it with you.

We are an SEO and SEM agency cWe have a great team of certified professionals, today we have in our history more than 600 successful projects throughout more than 10 countries around the world.

We have been a Google Partner for more than two years, and CRMs such as Hubspot and Zoho have also given us authorization to be official suppliers of their brand. 

We have all the necessary tools to take your company to the top of the search results.

SEO experts

Approaches and certifications

We are a company that is made up of certified experts in the use and correct implementation of SEO strategies.
We offer advice and consultancy to companies, businesses and entrepreneurs who wish to increase their sales. If you want to know more about our products, click on the following link.

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Work team

We have programmers, designers, content writers, web designers all with a focus on search engine positioning.

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Camila Cosentino

Technical SEO Specialist

Hello!! My name is Camila Cosentino, I graduated from the Multimedia Design degree at the Da Vinci School in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am dedicated to the implementation of Technical SEO, WordPress Architecture and Google Merchant Center Management.

I have more than 3 years of experience in creating WEB sites and their technical optimization, I have knowledge in HTML and PHP programming, I am completely prepared to be your right hand in the construction of your website

Activities within the agency
  • Optimization and maintenance of web pages.
  • Consultant on the proper application of technical SEO for the web.
  • Maintenance of the design and state of the page.
  • CLS design of the SEO optimized WEB site
  • Optimization of the user experience of the sites.
Sara Loaiza

Sara Loaiza Calderón

Strategic SEO Specialist

Hello! My name is Sara Loaiza, I am currently finishing my degree in Visual Design at the University of Caldas. I am passionate about topics related to the digital world, I feel that it is an extremely extensive field that can provide us with a large number of benefits if we know how to take advantage of the tools it provides us.

I currently have more than 2 years of experience implementing SEO strategies, I have had the opportunity to learn how to make the most of all the tools that a website can provide us, and I am completely prepared to be part of your team.

Activities within the agency
  • WEB site audits.
  • Creation of strategy for the organic positioning of your site.
  • Keyword study.
  • Implementation of the SEO strategy.
  • Reports and analysis of results.
Juan Camilo Catrillon

Juan Camilo Castrillón Orozco

SEO Copywriter

Hello! My name is Juan Camilo Castrillón, I am currently finishing my degree in Modern Languages while studying Philosophy and Letters at the University of Caldas. I am passionate about areas that have a connection with letters and communications. In digital media I have found a safe place where I can enjoy everything I do as I have the opportunity to help projects like yours grow.

I currently have more than 2 years of experience in writing and optimizing SEO content for different websites.

Activities within the agency
  • Research on topics of interest.
  • Writing specialized content.
  • SEO optimization of existing content.

Julián Quintero Henao

Technical SEO Specialist

Hello! My name is Julián Quintero Henao, I graduated from the Industrial Engineering degree at the National University of Colombia. I have had the opportunity to study a second language, referring in this case specifically to English, where I have a certified level of C1.
I currently have more than 2 years of experience in auditing web pages and implementing strategies in all SEO pillars so that we can give the best results to our clients.

Activities within the agency
  • Optimization and maintenance of web pages.
  • Maintenance of the design and state of web pages.
  • Evaluation and optimization of the user experience on the sites.
  • Website audits.
  • Generation of reports and analysis of results.

Tatiana Calvo

SEO Copywriter

Hello! My name is Tatiana Calvo, I am a Bachelor's student in Advertising and Institutional Communication at the Universidad Católica Argentina. I also studied English, I have the First Certificate Exam (Cambridge English) and Italian level A1.
I completed the Community Manager course at the Universidad Católica Argentina and I have experience in these tasks.

Activities within the agency

  • SEO and SEM content writing.
  • Blog creation.
  • Landing page creation.

Some of our customers

What do our customers say?

A base de 7 reseñas
Enrique Torres Torres E
Enrique Torres Torres E
Bueno el servicio y acompañamiento. Se viene desarrollando todo de acuerdo a las expectativas planteadas.
Súper servicio excelente experiencia con mi página web muy amigable 10 de 10
Gloria Cifuentes H
Gloria Cifuentes H
Quienes trabajan allí, son personas muy profesionales y con una excelente calidez. Es una empresa muy seria y competente, me encanta trabajar con ellos, porque siento que se interesan en mi negocio como lo hago yo.
MediaCares S.A.S
MediaCares S.A.S
Muy buen servicio, soporte constante, cumplidos con los tiempos, desarrollaron una One page hermosa mediacares.com.co. Mil gracias!
Marcela Venegas
Marcela Venegas
Me encanto como quedo el ecommerce de mi marca, los super recomiendo
Santiago Zapata Ceballos
Santiago Zapata Ceballos
Son una empresa muy organizada y cumple con los periodos de entrega de los productos

Frequent questions

Anytime is a good time to acquire an SEO specialist.

Whether when you are redesigning your website, when you are about to create a new one or you find yourself with an already established one.

Going to an SEO specialist will never be a bad investment.

At Auladig we can provide you with this and many more related services. If you are interested, you can schedule your first free consultation.

Let me tell you, the concept SEO comes from the English acronym  “Search Engine Optimization” which in Spanish would translate as search engine optimization.

In short, SEO consists of all the strategies that can be applied to a web page to position it in the first results of search engines, thus facilitating your visibility in the eyes of potential clients who do not yet know you.


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