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Enrique Torres Torres E
Enrique Torres Torres E
Bueno el servicio y acompañamiento. Se viene desarrollando todo de acuerdo a las expectativas planteadas.
Súper servicio excelente experiencia con mi página web muy amigable 10 de 10
Gloria Cifuentes H
Gloria Cifuentes H
Quienes trabajan allí, son personas muy profesionales y con una excelente calidez. Es una empresa muy seria y competente, me encanta trabajar con ellos, porque siento que se interesan en mi negocio como lo hago yo.
MediaCares S.A.S
MediaCares S.A.S
Muy buen servicio, soporte constante, cumplidos con los tiempos, desarrollaron una One page hermosa mediacares.com.co. Mil gracias!
Marcela Venegas
Marcela Venegas
Me encanto como quedo el ecommerce de mi marca, los super recomiendo
Santiago Zapata Ceballos
Santiago Zapata Ceballos
Son una empresa muy organizada y cumple con los periodos de entrega de los productos

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Importance of web positioning

Google is the largest search engine in the world. It is estimated that around 5.6 billion searches are performed daily. Is UAn astronomical figure, and equally astronomical are the figures of the results of the same search. We ask ourselves, then, How to be the first result? How to increase organic traffic and our competitiveness?

Well, the answer is Web Positioning. This consists, specifically, of the design and implementation of SEO strategies. They are methods that, by understanding the dynamics of algorithms, manage to increase the visibility and traffic of a website organically.

Fortunately, to be more competitive on the Internet, you find more than one SEO positioning agency at your disposal. At ROCO Agency we have SEO experts Local; We offer you our web page positioning services. cWe have a presence in 10 Spanish-speaking countries, where we have carried out Web Positioning projects.

Positioning Web

What is it?

You can implement strategies to position yourself better on the Web

Web Positioning means the planning and execution of a strategy that aims to make a website appear among the first results of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), or search results pages.

You should know that search engines have automatic information classification systems. These systems are programmed to discriminate information according to established parameters, such as usefulness or relevance. Each time search terms are entered, they are classified according to their likely meaning, relevance, quality, usability and context.

As search terms are constantly changing, the algorithms and automated systems that discriminate information also change. The trick with Web Positioning is to stay ahead of these changes; It is knowing how to evolve and adapt.

Therefore, the best option for Web Positioning is to look for an SEO Positioning agency. AND ROCO Agency offers you this and other related services, the positioning of Web pages.

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Types of SEO for WEB positioning

On Page SEO

SEO, remember, refers to Search Engine Optimization. There are two types of SEO, and On Page SEO is often the most used. It consists of the optimizations that can be practiced on our website internally. That is, all those strategies that can be executed on the page itself, without the need for external resources. On Page SEO, then, would allow Google bots to index our page more efficiently while reaching more people.

Off Page SEO

Off Page SEO is not, as one might think, an opposite and contrary strategy to On Page SEO. Rather, they are complementary strategies, since while On Page SEO is responsible for optimizing the internal resources of a website, Off Page SEO is responsible for generating and managing external links that redirect people to our site. page, thus increasing traffic. This type of SEO is ideal for social media strategies.

Local SEO

One of the parameters considered by automated systems that discriminate Web pages, and that determine positioning in the SERPs, is geographic location. Thus, the position of someone who performs a search will determine the content they will see; since companies that are relatively close will have greater relevance. Contact us to find out how to boost your visibility through Local SEO.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the set of plans, methods and tools that a specialized team uses to optimize a website in terms of its positioning. Web positioning, which is generally entrusted to an SEO positioning agency, if you are in Colombia and even in any other Spanish-speaking country, is key for your company to grow at a faster rate thanks to the increase in visibility and traffic of your website.

SEO Keyword Strategy

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Web Positioning is possible thanks to the influence of SEO Keywords. These SEO Keywords are, essentially, what allow the automated systems of search engines to discriminate the information and present in the SERPs the best results in terms of their usefulness and relevance for those who perform a search. To obtain such SEO Keywords, a thorough study of the way people search is necessary to basically find out the relevance of a specific keyword.

SEO content

The creation of SEO content is a fundamental step for the implementation of the strategy known as Inboud Marketing, or Attraction Marketing. This differs from traditional marketing; Because Inboud Marketing is responsible for attracting customers by offering clear, informative, relevant, attractive and useful content. This content must connect with the customer; Its purpose is not directly a sale, but rather a cultivation of trust and brand recognition.

SEO for eCommerce

Ecommerce is, basically, electronic commerce. That is, those commercial practices that are carried out through an electronic channel, where commercial information is disseminated. It has multiple advantages, such as its dynamism, spaciousness, efficiency and ease of communication. However, to take advantage of such advantages, it is necessary to have an SEO strategy so that the website of your company, store or venture is known, visible and relevant to potential leads.

International SEO

One of the properties of the digital world is that it is almost omnipresent. Its ubiquity, its presence in almost the entire world, allows a page or website to be accessible by anyone. International SEO ensures that your website is visible throughout the world. Enhance the way you are perceived in the digital world and extend your company's activity to the entire world.

SEO Positioning Agency

Steps to achieve adequate Web positioning

Positioning a WEB site requires a set of actions at a technical and strategic level that will increase the chances that your website will reach the first search results. Below we present the methodology that ROCO Agency uses to optimize the positioning of your page. Web

SEO Consultant

Why Hire an SEO Agency for Web Positioning like ROCO Agency?

At Agencia ROCO, previously known as Auladig, this change highlights our commitment to excellence and innovation, maintaining the quality of services that characterizes us. We have a complete team of professionals specialized in SEO, and in each of the particularities of Web Positioning strategies.

The team is made up of Designers, Programmers, Web Developers, Content Writers and SEO specialists who are responsible for planning every detail to achieve the best optimization of your website.

Our presence extends across 10 Spanish-speaking countries, where we have carried out more than 600 projects. That is the experience we put at your disposal.

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Our SEO agency gives you your first Consultation completely Free. 

What have we achieved?

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Do you still have questions about how to create a web positioning strategy for your company?

Frequent questions

We are a company made up of a great team of specialists in web positioning. We have all the tools necessary to get you to the top of search engine results.

Our services are not limited to a specific part of the country, because through Auladig, borders no longer exist.

In our team we have a large number of professionals among whom you could find designers, programmers, consultants, auditors, editors, among many others.

Each and every one of them prepared to give you a hand on the way to making your page visible on the internet.

Our team will provide you with all the necessary tools to create a strategy that adapts to your objectives and needs, in order to take the path to the top of the search results.


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