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What is a Technical SEO Audit?

A Technical SEO audit is a thorough analysis of the factors, both internal and external, that affect the organic positioning of a website. This first step is essential to diagnose and establish a strategy that allows you to improve and correct weak points.

This analysis identifies elements that can be improved. There will always be something to correct, since the dynamics in the SERP's are constantly changing.

The parameters that qualify web content and define its visibility and positioning continually evolve. Therefore, it is crucial to keep your website always updated.

Technical SEO audits begin an exhaustive process of improvement in SEO terms. They not only optimize the positioning of web pages, but also allow a real update of content, keeping you at the forefront of competitiveness.

technical seo audit

What does an SEO auditor do?

An SEO auditor carries out an exhaustive diagnosis of a web page, evaluating its structure and content comprehensively.

First, it analyzes the site's current organic traffic, identifying the most and least visited pages, the frequency and duration of visits, and other relevant data. This analysis allows us to understand peaks and drops in traffic and their causes.

The content is also examined, selecting a time period and classifying it based on recorded traffic. This allows you to identify which content is most relevant, which can be omitted and which needs to be reinforced.

User experience is another critical factor. The usability and intuitiveness of the website are decisive for its success.

All this information is organized in a template for an SEO audit, making it easier to identify relationships and patterns that might not otherwise be evident. This template becomes the basis for developing an effective strategy.

Additionally, if you operate in a specific region, such as Bogotá, the SEO audit can be tailored to maximize local results. It is essential to consider tools such as Google SEO audit to align efforts with the criteria of the most used search engine.


Why is a Technical SEO Audit important?

In an ever-changing world, adaptation is crucial. A Technical SEO audit allows us to identify and update obsolete elements that affect the overall health of our website.

More than important, this audit is necessary. For our site and business to survive in the digital environment, we must adapt to changes in user searches and the structure of SERPs. Using tools such as Google's SEO audit and a specific template facilitates this process, ensuring an effective and updated strategy.

Do you need assistance?

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ROCO Agency SEO Agency

What do we focus on?

At ROCO Agency, we understand that the world of SEO is multifaceted. It is not just about content and form, but also about organization, planning and structuring. At ROCO, we implement a meticulous strategy, executed by a team of designers, programmers, web developers and SEO writers. Led by an SEO specialist, we review each step of the process, from the SEO audit diagnosis to content programming.

If you're still wondering, what is a Technical SEO Audit? Take a look at its benefits.

Benefits of a Technical SEO Audit

  • Establishes a solid foundation for strategic decisions.
  • Improves the overall health of the website.
  • Properly guide necessary updates.
  • Increase visibility and positioning in search engines.
  • Considerably increases organic traffic.
  • Enhances competitiveness in the digital market.
  • Dynamizes the sales cycle, driving growth.
SEO Auditor

Why Choose ROCO Agency for a Technical SEO Audit?

At ROCO Agency, we offer you the opportunity to know in depth the status of your website: how it works, the resources available and what elements can be improved. Our Technical SEO audit not only identifies problems, but also provides solutions to correct them and enhance the aspects that are already working well.

Our expert team performs a detailed analysis of organic traffic and user experience, using advanced tools such as Google SEO audit. Additionally, we provide you with a template for an SEO audit, facilitating the implementation of specific improvements.

If you operate in local markets, you should know that we adapt our strategies to maximize impact. With ROCO Agency, you guarantee that your website remains competitive and relevant in the dynamic digital world. Trust us to optimize your visibility, increase organic traffic and take your business to the next level.

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Our SEO agency offers you completely free initial advice to evaluate the state of your website and define improvement strategies. 


Frequent questions

An SEO audit is based on three main pillars:

  1. Technical: This pillar is responsible for analyzing the crawling of the website, its indexing and its ranking in the SERPs. This evaluates your crawl budget and the best ways to optimize it.

  2. Strategy and Content: Evaluates the relevance and relevance of the website's content, ensuring that it is aligned with the needs and searches of users.

  3. Authority: Seeks to generate trust in users through strategies that increase the credibility and authority of the website.

These three pillars work together to improve your website's visibility and performance in search engines.

The time required to complete a technical SEO audit can vary depending on the size and complexity of the website. In general, it can take from one to four weeks, including analysis and preparation of a detailed report with recommendations.

It is recommended to perform a technical SEO audit at least once a year to keep the website optimized and competitive. Additionally, it is essential to perform it whenever significant changes are implemented to the site, such as redesigns or content updates. It is also very useful to perform an audit before launching a new digital marketing campaign to ensure that the site is in its best possible condition to receive additional traffic.


A technical SEO audit includes a detailed evaluation of various aspects of the website. This encompasses organic traffic analysis to understand visitor behavior, a content analysis to determine which parts of the site need improvements or updates, a review of the site structure to ensure it is well organized and easy to navigate, and an analysis of the user experience to identify and solve problems that may affect usability.

Advanced tools like Google SEO audit They can also be used to obtain accurate and useful data.


Performing a technical SEO audit is essential to improve your website's ranking in search engines, which in turn increases organic traffic. This audit helps you identify and correct problems that could be affecting the performance of your site, thus optimizing competitiveness in the digital market. 

Additionally, it provides a solid foundation for making informed strategic decisions, ensuring your website remains relevant and effective in an ever-changing digital environment.


Do you want to optimize your website? Contact us for a Technical SEO Audit and improve your competitiveness.

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Enrique Torres Torres E
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Bueno el servicio y acompañamiento. Se viene desarrollando todo de acuerdo a las expectativas planteadas.
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Súper servicio excelente experiencia con mi página web muy amigable 10 de 10
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Gloria Cifuentes H
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Quienes trabajan allí, son personas muy profesionales y con una excelente calidez. Es una empresa muy seria y competente, me encanta trabajar con ellos, porque siento que se interesan en mi negocio como lo hago yo.
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MediaCares S.A.S
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Muy buen servicio, soporte constante, cumplidos con los tiempos, desarrollaron una One page hermosa Mil gracias!
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Marcela Venegas
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Me encanto como quedo el ecommerce de mi marca, los super recomiendo
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Santiago Zapata Ceballos
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Son una empresa muy organizada y cumple con los periodos de entrega de los productos

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