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SEO positioning agencies are specialized in placing your website in the best search engine positions with the aim of increasing the flow of visitors to your pages. They do this through a strategy (SEO) that we have already mentioned and explained in other blogs like: Semantic SEO, Why isn't my website getting customers? Learn about SEO,  4 reasons to have it as a priority in your strategy.

SEO as a tool is perfect for working on factors such as keywords, page previews and the way you write and structure the content information for your pages.

In this blog I will tell you a little about SEO and we will talk about some strategies of this method so that you can learn what they are for and some of their uses. Join me and let's learn together.

As an introduction and reminder I will tell you a little about the SEO strategy. Better known in the Spanish language as web positioning, it is a method based on several techniques that help and influence the positioning of pages in search engines, in other words, SEO (Search engine optimization) or search engine optimization are the strategies we use to place your website in the first search result.

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Now that we know a little about SEO, let's see how SEO agencies implement it.

1. Keyword search

This is one of the most important strategies to carry out good SEO and for this reason SEO positioning agencies have become specialists in this type of search.

And, what are keywords and what are they for? Keywords or keywords are one or more words that make up the way in which a user searches for their question, that is, when you have a question and want to use Dr. Google to solve it, there is a way of placing the words to find the answer. answer you want. These types of words are keywords or key words.

Keyword searches can be tedious and time-consuming, which is why they have created programs that help you search for them and save you a lot of time each week. However, you must have the knowledge to analyze which words you are going to use because if there are With a lot of competition, it will not be easy to position your content.

2. Creation of valuable content.

Another SEO strategy is to create blogs with content that is related to the products and services that your company offers, these blogs can teach people tips on how to use your products or information about them, in this way you constantly update your page, build loyalty your customers and increase the flow of users who enter your site.

Blogs are built with the keywords that we have selected in the search for them, so it is important to know how to choose them.

The SEO of a blog is built by complying with a series of parameters that help highlight the content of your blog among the competition. Some of the parameters that I mention are the length of the content, the number of times the keyword is used or the blog image.

3. Email marketing

This is another important strategy that SEO positioning agencies use, when you already have the keywords and blogs on your website, it is time to create a database to start doing email marketing, this strategy is to send information to your potential clients, usually through this means you send valuable content, blogs, promotions, reminders and/or invitations to events that your company holds.

Email marketing is used by SEO positioning agencies with the aim of increasing traffic to your web pages and attracting customers through content that leads the customer to click on a button that will take them to a page where there is more information. about the content you just sent.

4. The 3 best SEO positioning agencies

Below I will present you the best SEO agencies:

  1. Classroom: It is a Colombian agency based in Manizales, Caldas. Specialized in areas such as: digital marketing, web development and CMR implementation, among other services focused on providing you with the best possible experience. 
  2. Genwords: It is an agency specialized in the services of Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing and Branded Content. 
  3. Triary: It is an agency that offers Inbound marketing, web design, sales team enablement and SEO positioning services. 

SEO positioning agencies and where to find them

SEO positioning agencies are mostly found online, this is the broadest platform and where there are more options to choose from. Now when there is so much offer in the market for a single service you must learn to choose, these are some tips that I share with you so that you can review before hiring your agency:

  • Services, when you go to an agency's website look at what services it offers.
  • Experience, search or ask what work they have done and what success stories they have had.
  • Content, see if the content of the page convinces you. The agency site must be very well designed and built, since from here you can tell if they know about the topic or not.

Auladig is a digital marketing agency specializing in SEO and Inbound marketing. We are here to help you improve your business. Schedule an appointment here.

In conclusion, SEO positioning agencies specialize in this methodology made up of a series of strategies that help position your page in search engines. Some of those strategies are keyword research, blog building, and email marketing.

At Auladig we help you improve your SEO positioning, if you want to know more about us you can visit our main page


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