What is Inbound marketing and why should you implement it in 2022?

Inbound marketing is a methodology made up of non-intrusive marketing and advertising strategies to accompany people throughout the purchasing process. To do Inbound marketing you must first build a database with leads (person who has given their data to a company to receive information about them) so that you can implement the different strategies of the methodology that I am going to present to you today.

In this blog we will begin by explaining what Inbound marketing is, giving answers to the following questions: What is Inbound marketing? What is Inbound marketing for? And how does inbound marketing work? The resolution of these questions is so that we can know the bases of Inbound marketing to later resolve the question: Why should you implement it?

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What is Inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a methodology that combines marketing techniques and non-intrusive advertising in order to accompany users in their purchasing process from start to finish. The main objective of this methodology is to find a user at the beginning of the purchasing process and accompany them throughout the entire journey by sending them content, a strategy that helps with customer loyalty.

This methodology has long-term advantages such as: increasing qualified marketing contacts, increasing lead registrations and increasing the visits you receive from the website. All this, in order to increase the flow of people on your website to nourish the databases and be able to exercise the methodology with them.

What is Inbound marketing for?

Inbound marketing strategies help you gain the trust of customers and for the following 5 fundamental things, which I will mention below:

  • Improve and increase the visibility of your business
  • Optimize the cost to get clients, that is, make sure it is not too high
  • Attract potential clients
  • Generate distinguished content
  • Optimize the sales process

These are the main achievements that Inbound marketing can bring to your company when you apply its strategies.

How does Inbound marketing work?

As we already know, inbound marketing is a methodology that consists of attracting users in a non-intrusive way. Now we are going to know how it works, what is its logic.

This methodology has the person or user as its center, therefore, The first step to develop is to investigate our audience or target audience to know what their tastes and communication and research channels are when they are going to buy something or are interested in a service or product.

The second is optimize your website, This step is essential because your site must be your main channel to interact with customers and if you are not constantly updating them, it may lose validity and visibility. Furthermore, one of the Inbound strategies is web positioning that you can acquire through the SEO strategy. This has the function of ensuring that your website is among the first results on Google, which guarantees greater traffic.

The development of a good marketing plan is essential for the success of Inbound, because when you develop a plan you must first do some analysis that allows you to focus it according to your objectives. With the development of the plan that you have previously made, you will generate more traffic, which in turn will mean the conversion of more visitors into customers; fulfilling its main objective of increasing customers.

After being clear about this process, another important point is the analysis of the results you have obtained when implementing the plan. Analyzing the results allows you to know which were the success cases and why, or if you did not have success cases, what was the reason, this so that you can improve the development of the strategies.

So, in a few words, inbound marketing works through a series of steps that allow us to create a more friendly and supportive environment, which will convert the user into a customer.

Why should you implement it in 2022?

Now yes, we are going to know why you should implement Inbound marketing this 2022. This methodology has several advantages over traditional marketing, since it will allow you to reach many more people due to the possibility we have of using the internet, which crosses barriers. geographic areas that often limit us as a company.

Let's look at some reasons to implement Inbound marketing in 2022:

  • Increasing the flow on your website helps achieve better visibility and brand recognition.
  • Loyalty, when we accompany the customer in their purchasing process from start to finish we can achieve customer loyalty.
  • Sales, the implementation of this methodology translates into an increase in sales that will help you with the growth of your business.

In conclusion, Inbound marketing is a methodology that accompanies the client in the purchasing process from start to finish, with non-intrusive elements. The advantages it allows us to enjoy is one of the main reasons why we should implement it this year, to improve our marketing process.

This 2022 is a great opportunity to start using Inbound marketing and increase your clients. At Auladig we help you implement it in your marketing strategy.       


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