6 benefits of a website, everything you need to know about them

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Did you know that, for a single query, Google uses 1,000 computers in 0.2 seconds to provide a result.

In this blog I will tell you about 6 benefits of a website and everything you need to know about them, I will start by telling you what a website is and what they are for, then we will move on to the differences between a web page and a website and why Lastly, I will tell you the 6 benefits of a website.

What is a web page?

A web page is an electronic information document capable of containing: text, sound, video, programs, links, images, hyperlinks, among other elements. This electronic document is accessed through a browser, is adapted to the World Wide Web or WWW and stored on thousands of servers throughout the planet. The web pages are programmed in an HTML or XHTML format and are related to each other through hyperlinks.

What are web pages for?

A website has various functions around marketing strategies, that is why it is so important that you have a website for your business and nourish it month after month with content, this is not only your business card, but the place where you generate a system of trust between the customer and your company through content, such as blogs, images of the products and services you sell or detailed characteristics of what you offer.  

If you already have a website, you must update it frequently by nourishing the pages it has or adding more. You can begin to carry out a marketing strategy called SEO so that it is positioned well in the search engines. We will see this later.

The difference between a website and a web page.

Web pages are like the pages of books and the website is the book, that is, a web page is part of a website, in this you can store several web pages that become sections. In Latin America the term website is used for both spaces, however, the correct thing would be to say that we entrepreneurs have websites and there every month we add a web page that helps us nourish our website.

Since we have seen what a web page is, what it is for and the differences between a web page and a website, let's go to the central topic of this blog.

6 benefits of a website.

Websites have several benefits for your company, here I will present 6 benefits of a website.

1. Contacts:

Web pages can provide you with contacts of potential clients, that is, when you create a page that has valuable information or content, you can add a form to it that will provide you with client contacts and/or potential clients who wish to receive more content or information. of your company that will help you with email-marketing strategies.

2. Public:

With web pages you can attract customers, since you place blogs or information about your products and services on social networks that subsequently lead to your website where they will find your contact and elements that better describe what your company offers. In addition, you have the possibility of reaching more clients, that is, you can make your company international.

3. Customer Service:

If you create a website exclusively for customer service, you will be able to have more effective communication, better attention to orders and you will build customer loyalty faster, creating the possibility that the customer you served very well will recommend you to their acquaintances.

4. Support for the physical store.

This is a great benefit of having an updated website, when you segment and create web pages for the product section you create firm support for what you offer in the physical store, and when you position your website the support will be reciprocal. On the other hand, you are showing your clients that you are an up-to-date entrepreneur, that the Internet is on your side, which will help you create a more professional image.

5. Open 24/7

The annoying thing about physical stores is that when you want to see a product and it is too late they will not be open, however on your website they can look at the products that you have available at the time they want and buy them if they do not want to go to the store on the other side. day or if they are in another city where you do not yet have an open office.

6. Less investment in advertising.

As we know, analog advertising can cost a lot of money and not be as effective as digital advertising, when you have a presentation web page on your website you can use it as an advertising element on social networks. 

Another element that you must take into account for this point to be a reality is the positioning of your website in the search engines and that it has valuable information with a good SEO ranking, that is, that you use SEO strategies so that your website is among the first in browsers.

In conclusion, the benefits of a website are directly related to your website, they are what nourish it and provide you with all the benefits mentioned above.

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