THE CTR in Google ADS and the impact on your campaigns


Google ADS is a very powerful lead generation channel; With the digital changes caused by the pandemic, this platform has become more popular.

 Google has made great efforts to simplify its use but it is still necessary to have extensive knowledge before venturing into it because otherwise the economic losses can be considerable, and for this one of the first steps at a technical level is to know one of its main metrics, the CTR.

What is CTR?

The CTR in Google ADS is the number of clicks over the number of impressions, for example if your ad was shown 50 times and 2 people clicked, then the CTR for this campaign would be 4%.

Why is this metric so important to Google?

Google is a search engine and its main function is for people to quickly find what they are looking for. In commercial terms, Google wants buyers and sellers to connect easily, so if a website appears many times with certain searches but does not generate clicks, bots Google understands that this ad is not relevant.  

How does this metric impact Google ADS campaigns?

Google ADS charges per click, the cost of each click and the position of the ad varies by the quality level of each keyword. which in turn is measured by three metrics: Target Page Exp, Ad Relevance and Prev CTR.

In that order of ideas, if the CTR is low, it in turn harms the level of quality, and when this metric is affected the cost per click goes up, that is, the campaign becomes more expensive.

A LOW CTR COSTS MONEY!!!!, and is a very visible indicator to denote an inadequate Google ADS campaign.

What is a low CTR?

This question does not have a single answer, since for display campaigns the CTR is usually a little lower while for Search campaigns it can be a little better; Actually, the way to determine if a CTR is low or high is by reviewing the prev CTR metric that affects the quality level of each keyword, since here it breaks down in more detail what our CTR is like with respect to the competition.

Now if what you want is a value, in our experience a CTR lower than 7% in a search campaign is low, this only applies to some campaigns.

How do I increase the CTR?

And here is the million-dollar question: how to increase the CTR, there are really many things that can be done, here I will list some.

1. Add negative keywords.

2. Improve the relevance of ads.

3. Review and Optimize keyword matching.



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