Digital marketing strategies, can a company implement them on its own?

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In this blog we will tell you why implementing digital marketing strategies yourself can be more expensive and less effective than if you hire a digital marketing agency. We will begin by telling you what the main advantages of marketing agencies are and then we will proceed to give you 5 reasons why you need one.

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Advantages of implementing digital marketing strategies with an agency.

1. Action plan

By hiring a digital marketing agency, you are ensuring a strong action plan, that is, focused on short and long-term goals in order to achieve a general objective. This plan will be designed according to the objectives of your company, it will focus on making you stronger against your competitors, you will gain greater visibility and achieve the previously established objectives.

2. Tools

Marketing agencies have various tools, which support several of the strategies used to obtain better results when positioning your company, most of these tools are paid and their function is to manage several positioning at the same time, For this reason, getting these tools just for your company can cost a lot of money, which is why hiring an agency has greater advantages.

3. Marketing strategies

Marketing agencies know and perfectly manage all marketing strategies, such as SEO, Inbound Marketing or Email marketing. These require studies to manage the platforms and obtain the skills to create strategies according to the field. Good marketing is managing and correctly applying the strategies that it offers you, that is why it is important to know them, understand them and use them to your advantage so that they help your company achieve the objective you pursue, without having to hire several people specialized in different fields. .

4. Synchronization

If you own two or more businesses, you surely know how difficult it is to manage them all at the same time, it could be even worse if you have to do marketing with each of them on separate platforms and without the help of specialists. Marketing agencies have subscriptions on different platforms to manage the marketing of several companies from a single platform for each specialty, that is, they synchronize your businesses for easier management.

5. More time saved

Time is a valuable and important resource in the new world, digitizing your business is also, however, it can be complicated to do so when you do not have the resources or knowledge to do so, therefore, you can end up spending a lot of time on something. which has already been invented, agencies are specialized in promoting your business on a digital level, so you can save time and money.

5 reasons why you need a marketing agency

1. Experience

Experience is an important factor when considering digital marketing agencies, you have at your disposal all the knowledge founded and put into practice again and again by the agencies. This gives you a greater possibility of positioning yourself faster in search engines and Marketplaces where your target audience is recurring.

2. Current events in digital marketing strategies

Marketing agencies have to constantly train their staff in the different digital marketing strategies that evolve day by day, they update the software they use for data analysis, email-marketing strategies, SEO strategies, among others. that help you place your business on the internet so that it works very well.

3. Results

Marketing agencies give a lot of importance to the results that the strategies they use give, there are two types of results, short-term and long-term, short-term results are those that you can observe in a very short time and long-term results. They are those that you can observe for a period of more than 3 months, so depending on the results obtained and the strategies applied, the agencies change the plan or continue with it. To determine this, a wide variety of information analysis is required to make a ruling. What change is required?

4. Statistics

Statistics are another important factor for the implementation of strategies such as SEO, email marketing and positioning in Marketplaces and eCommerce. Marketing agencies have the knowledge to read the statistics that the market shows day by day and thus know the movements that They must do to obtain good results, that is, through various tools, statistics are consulted to predict market movements and act accordingly.

Agencies have the advantage of working with specialized personnel for statistical analysis on different platforms, such as Google, social networks, among others.

5. Content generation

Generating content for blog and email marketing can be an activity that consumes a lot of your company's time and resources, which is why agencies are also in charge of this. Creating content requires staff who know the subject and have a way of writing that captivates customers. In addition, keywords are used that are obtained through word analysis; these are obtained by a person specialized in searching for them. The structure of the content is specific according to the products or services you sell.

In conclusion, marketing agencies are your best option to enter digital commerce or get afloat in it, spending less time and saving money, in addition to obtaining very good results and creating quality content that attracts more customers that help grow. your business.

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