Example of CRM implementation in a company

company CRM implementation example

The business world seems to move faster than we realize. It is an overwhelming feeling, because we believe that our company is lagging behind others. We must think about the well-being of our project: establish specific goals, draw up the best possible plan to achieve them, and implement significant actions in this regard. But how? CRM implementation is an example to grow your business.

It is evident that a company on the Internet is much more dynamic than a company that has not gone to that next level. A company positioned on the internet has broader coverage and a concept that, if it can be effective, hooks a lead (or a potential client). This brings enormous benefits - and we are not just talking about economic returns.

We must look back at the client: it is not only that traditional element that gives us money to receive a good or service. It's much more than that.

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company CRM implementation example
company crm implementation example

What is CRM?

CRM is the acronym in English for Customer Relationship Management. In Spanish it translates Customer Relationship Management. It is not only software that can make your company more agile, organized and diligent. Rather, it is a change in the way of conceiving and conducting business.

Here, in the CRM, a certain emphasis is placed on the relationships that exist with the client: your company will know the client (a potential lead) better, which will inspire greater trust and credibility in them; that is, greater fidelity. That is one of the most notable effects of implementing CRM. But he's not the only one.

When your company implements CRM and knows its customer more precisely - in addition to starting to generate an identity around your brand -, you gain valuable customer information and, with it, you can organize your corporate processes to make your business more competitive.

What are the advantages of CRM implementation?

If you implement CRM, you don't have to continue torturing yourself ad nauseam with tedious Excel tables, or projections, or download a million applications to do accounting and manage payroll, or many other applications to communicate your decisions to Human Resources... Because?

Because with CRM, by orienting your company's corporate organization towards the needs and expectations of your client, all those processes are simplified. You do not waste time or resources on superficial tasks that do not add greater value to your work. You know what the client is looking for, how they look for it and, thus, you know what to offer them and how to do it.

Why use Zoho CRM?

Using CRM Zoho radically improves your company's relationship with your customer. All corporate activities, which often consist of extensive, complex and very different tasks, are significantly simplified. As? Unifying. The tasks, so to speak, begin to speak the same language. All aimed at improving the customer experience.

The advantages it offers are truly fascinating. You organize and manage your resources and time more optimally. The data (information) about your customers is of enormous value. Once your data has been recorded, which shows your preferences or tendencies among other things, it is possible to analyze it and draw conclusions that are as revealing as they are useful.

CRM Zoho creates complete, interactive databases, with a high possibility of automation. The information contained therein can be categorized as appropriate for your company. We are talking about unified searches, unified messaging, single identification and registration, and business intelligence.

That is, resources gathered in one place quickly, and with which, by establishing more direct relationships, the functioning of the sales, communication, productivity, finance, and much more areas is optimized.

Example of CRM implementation in a company

Today there are many companies (large, medium and small) that have seen how their corporate processes are simplified, their resources are optimized and their management becomes more efficient and effective thanks to the implementation of CRM.

And it goes further: since it is a strategy that focuses on the client, resources are implemented to make relationships with them more fruitful. For example, by having their contact information (think emails, telephone numbers, an account on our site), the communication channels with our client are expanded.

You can find out more easily and in greater detail what our news is, our services, our policy as a company, etc. This is known as an omnichannel customer relationship. That is, the customer is an active element that influences the decisions made, since their satisfaction with our company means our growth.

Which companies have implemented CRM and what have been their results?

Next, we will show you which companies have implemented CRM, how they did it and what benefits it brought them.

However, it is worth mentioning that not all companies are the same (your company, for example, has a particular nature, since you have defined clients, you have your own history, your own methods and your own identity); so the type of CRM you implement must be just as special.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you contact us so that we can advise you and find which one is best for you and which strategies are the most relevant.

Mercedes-Benz USA

This well-known automotive corporation, with several decades of experience in the market, opted for the tools offered by Microsoft Hololens 2 and Dynamics 365 Remote Assist.

As it was a company with vast experience and very broad coverage as well, its CRM strategy focused on maintaining its high quality standards, focusing on the experience it offers its customers.

Logistical resources were optimized to achieve better technical customer service, a reduction in service time, and a reduction in its environmental impact.


Of course, one of the largest companies dedicated to the sale of products and the offer of services on the Internet has to have CRM. Your CRM strategy is, one might say, intrinsic to the nature of your activity. That is, it is not possible to think of Amazon without CRM.

Well, its activity, essentially, consists of keeping high the expectations of its clients in terms of their satisfaction. In this sense, they care about constantly sharing (through the aforementioned omnichannel strategy) products to their customers in a specific way, taking into account what other things the customer has purchased, what their preferences are, what their payment methods, etc.

Just like these companies, which are world-renowned, you can also use the resources you currently have more intelligently. Contact us to find out how.


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