Google Analytics 360: Pricing, Features and Reviews

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If you want to take your website data analysis to the next level, Google Analytics 360 is a tool you should consider. In this guide, we'll explore Google Analytics 360 in depth, including its pricing, features, and reviews. Learn how this tool can boost your data analysis and help you make informed decisions.

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What is Google Analytics 360?

Google Analytics 360, now known as “Google Analytics 4,” is a web and mobile app analytics platform from Google designed for businesses and organizations that need more advanced and detailed tracking of user behavior on their websites and apps. Unlike the free version of Google Analytics, Google Analytics 360 offers additional features and capabilities, including:

1. Greater volume of data: Google Analytics 360 allows tracking a higher volume of data and traffic compared to the free version. This is especially useful for websites and apps with high traffic.

2. Integration with BigQuery: You can export your data from Google Analytics 360 to Google BigQuery for custom analysis and advanced queries.

3. Premium Service Support: Google Analytics 360 includes priority technical support and dedicated assistance to help resolve issues and answer questions.

4. Access to advanced analysis features: You get access to advanced analytics features like cohort analysis, advanced segmentation, funnel analysis, and more.

5. Integrations and customization: You can easily integrate Google Analytics 360 with other tools and customize it to your specific needs.

6. Access control and administration: Google Analytics 360 provides more advanced user management and access control options, making it easier to collaborate in large teams and manage multiple websites or applications.

Key Advantages of Google Analytics 360

Greater Data Capacity: Google Analytics 360 enables tracking of large volumes of data, which is essential for businesses with significant web traffic.

Integration with BigQuery: You can combine data from Google Analytics 360 with Google BigQuery for even more advanced analysis.

Personalized Assistance: You get access to personalized support and services from Google.

What are the Functions of Google Analytics 360

Advanced Funnels: Analyze the user journey through your website with customizable funnels.

Advanced Segmentation: Create highly specific segments to better understand your audience.

Data Integration: Combine data from multiple sources, such as mobile apps and websites, for a complete view.

Data Export without Sampling: Access your raw data without the hassle of sampling.

Premium Support: Get support and personalized services from Google.

Google Analytics 360 Price and Reviews

How much does Google Analytics 360 cost?

Google Analytics 360 prices vary depending on the needs of your business and the volume of data you want to analyze. For an accurate quote, please contact the Google sales team.

Google Analytics 360 Reviews

Opinions about Google Analytics 360 are generally positive. Businesses appreciate its ability to handle large volumes of data and the advanced features it offers. However, the investment can be significant, so it is important to evaluate whether it suits your budget and specific needs.

Ready to Optimize your Data Analysis?

Google Analytics 360 is a powerful tool, but proper implementation and configuration are key to taking full advantage of its benefits. At Agencia Roco, we are experts in data analysis and we will help you get the most out of Google Analytics 360. Contact us today and find out how we can boost your digital strategy!


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