Marketing Plan for a Private School

Marketing for private schools

Public education in Latin America, unfortunately, is not in the process of improvement; this has caused a wave of new private schools to open, creating more and more options for families to choose where to educate their children.

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Digital Marketing for a Private School

We live in an increasingly specialized and competitive world in all areas, and education does not escape this, it is no longer enough to be the best school in the city.

In advertising it is well known that it does not matter if you have the best product or the best service if you do not show it to the right people.

A Marketing Plan for a Private School must be the foundational basis for the marketing of any educational institution, you must be able to transmit all the benefits of your school in the most effective way.

Public education in Latin America, unfortunately, is not in the process of improvement; this has caused a wave of new private schools to open, creating more and more options for families to choose where to educate their children.

To complicate the picture a little more, Millennials have reached parenthood, statistically they are the generation of parents with fewer children, there is not only more supply but less demand.

This whole scenario looks complicated for private schools, let's see what you need to develop your Educational Marketing plan.

Steps to make a Marketing Plan for a private school

A marketing plan is the creation and development of the marketing strategies necessary to obtain fixed metrics in a specific period. Do you need one? Let's see what the steps are to follow:

Data collection and analysis

This plan begins with obtaining the necessary indicators to determine what our strengths and weaknesses are, as well as those of the competition.

The correct analysis of this data will allow us to set the objectives we want to reach and the means we will use to achieve it.

In the educational field, this data could be the number of possible students in your community, their economic possibilities, social stratum and interests.

Another important piece of information that should be collected is the number and size of schools close to yours, especially if they want to reach the same families as you.

Define the appropriate strategies

Marketing strategies for an educational center should not be designed by just anyone, a specialist You must take care of this.

It matters little to have the correct data if you do not have the necessary knowledge to interpret it. The person in charge must be able to understand these results.

At Aula Dig we have the professionals and the tools to understand your needs and create strategies to achieve the objectives of your private school.

Providing quality education to children and adolescents is the best marketing strategy you can implement.

The last stages of a marketing plan are the application of the necessary strategies and the analysis of the results obtained, these will allow us to know if the actions taken were correct.

Let's look at some of the actions that should be incorporated into everything digital marketing plan for an educational center.

Digital Marketing Strategies for a Private School

Digital marketing has become the king of marketing, the use of traditional advertising is losing more and more strength, digital media give us a more effective and economical option.

This is why our marketing plan for educational centers It will be based on digital media and the options we have when using its tools.

“If your business is not on the internet, your business does not exist” Bill Gates,

Web page

A website is essential today, especially if you are a private company that wants to generate customers and a community through digital media to have greater growth.

Having your own website will allow you to develop other highly effective strategies such as content marketing, SEO, advertising through Google Ads, which we will develop later.

SEO Positioning

SEO is the acronym for the term Search Engine Optimization, which we can translate as Search Engine Optimization.

He SEO positioning It is done by studying the words and phrases that our target audience uses when performing searches associated with our services on pages such as Google or Bing.

In the case of educational digital marketing, you could take as an example phrases like schools with advanced english classes either private schools with baseball stadiums.

Using these phrases correctly will position our pages at the top of search engines when these searches are performed.

SEO will allow you to position your private school as a respected brand and will make you known among people who do not belong to your institution and thus obtain new clients.

Social Media Marketing

The use of social networks is mandatory if you want to attract new students, young people currently spend a good part of their time on social networks.

You must make publications that manage to mix the educational with the fun and informal for children and adolescents.

Achieving this balance is not easy, which is why your social networks must be managed by specialists who can create the right content to achieve these goals.

Content Marketing (Blog)

Creating content has various purposes, one of them is to deliver valuable information to our community and people interested in being part of it.

Creating articles with valuable content will keep parents and students attentive to your website and what you create there, since they will know that the information they will always get will be valuable and important.

He content marketing (when published link to related post) and SEO are carried out hand in hand with each other, the content to be developed must be related to the information that parents and students are looking for.

Advertising through Google Ads and Facebook Ads

There are two ways to be considered by internet search engines, one is through SEO and content marketing, and the other is through SEM.

He SEM It is Search Engine Marketing, or Marketing through search engines, that is, carrying out advertising campaigns through search engines and social networks.

When you search for something on Google you can see that the first 2 or 3 results have the tag advertisement, this is because they are results of paid advertising created in order to capture the user's attention.

Advertising through social networks, although carried out through other platforms and with other criteria, allows us to segment in detail the audience we want to reach, making the spending of the advertising budget more efficient.

Creating advertising on Google Ads and Facebook Ads, the two platforms with the most reach, is not something for amateurs.

Using the correct words and creating the appropriate segmentation are some of the parameters that must be carried out by specialists, we at Aula Dig can create the ads for your private school.

Email Marketing

Email marketing or marketing through email allows you to reach your network of contacts directly, you do not need social networks or for the person to search on Google or Yahoo.

It has been proven that it is the most economical and most profitable way to promote your services, for every dollar invested we obtain a return of up to 40$, incredible, right? but how is it used in a private school?

The truth is, in many ways, you could send weekly newsletters to parents about events, progress and important information that are being sent in the mail, as well as to students.

You can inform your entire community when you publish new content on your blog or important news that needs to be communicated immediately.

As we see, there are many digital marketing strategies for a private school that we can apply, here we mention only the most important ones. The application of one or the other will depend on the analysis of your case and specific conditions.

It seems overwhelming, and maybe it is, but not everything is painted gray, due to the number of possible tools and the synergy between all of them, software has been created that allows us to automate all this work.

What is a CRM

Crm, for its acronym in English, is the acronym for Customer relationship management and is a set of software grouped into a platform that allows us to develop business strategies focused on customer needs through technology.

In Spanish CRM is known as a customer relationship manager, the software is the tool we use but it is not everything, it is the processes carried out by companies of all types and sizes to manage relationships and interactions with their customers.

Accelerate and automate processes in your company, predict trends and needs, to obtain greater profits and generate new customers.

A CRM brings together, from marketing to company administration, it is comprehensive management of the company, everything always focused on customers.

With the use of a CRM for a private school, you will be able to automate and simplify many of the marketing strategies mentioned above, in addition to connecting them to the other areas of your educational institution.

Parents could automatically receive emails when payments are due or school start dates, as well as be informed about their children's behavior and performance at all times.

The possibilities of actions possible in an automated manner with the use of a CRM are numerous.

Implementation of a CRM in a private educational center

We at Aula Dig as a Digital Marketing agency have studied and implemented various CRMs over the years.

This is why we can currently recommend ZOHO CRM Colombia as an option to apply it in your private school.

With Zoho CRM and our advice you can cover and solve all the needs of your educational center. We are committed to being with you throughout the entire CRM implementation process.

Zoho CRM offers you direct support in Spanish, something that few of the large existing CRMs can say, you will be able to express your concerns without any limitations.

The processes of every business must be constantly reviewed and updated, otherwise the market will take its toll on you.

If you want to increase your enrollment and position your private school as one of the best in the region, you must apply the correct educational digital marketing strategies.

You must automate all the processes within your educational center to be able to serve a greater flow of students in an optimal way, with the application of a CRM it will allow you to do so.

Our team of digital marketing professionals awaits you to work together, study your case, and apply the necessary strategies to achieve your objectives.

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