What a good website should have

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Web pages are dynamic sites that contain information aimed at a target group of people, that is, web pages contain information about your company and the products and services you offer, so when a web user is searching for some of your products or services on the Internet, the search engine will show the address of your website and this person will be able to click on it to find out what you offer.

Although if your website does not meet some basic requirements it will not be a successful website and therefore you will not get more clients, that is why in this blog I will tell you 6 basic pillars that a good website must have, come with me...

Why is a website important?

The Internet has become a space inhabited 24 hours a day by millions of users around the world, due to the number of possibilities that it can offer us in matters such as: information, products or services.

The Internet works through browsers connected to servers that contain the web pages of companies that in turn have information about the products or services they offer, that is, when you are going to search for something on the Internet you must enter Google to be able to find out the information about it. That something, that information is on web pages that companies create to make themselves known.  

So people looking to buy a product or service tend to look for references in search engines like Google or Yahoo! Before making their purchasing decision, they visit numerous web pages that provide them with information about the product or service they are looking for.

To belong to search engines you must have a website. This will allow you to appear in search engines when a user searches for your products and services, which gives you the opportunity to make yourself known and expand your business internationally.

6 basic pillars that a website should have.

1. Adaptive/responsive design web pages

An adaptive website is one that, as its name suggests, adapts to the different screens of devices such as: cell phones, tablets or computers (laptop or desktop).

It is important that our page is adaptive because as time goes by, people have been migrating from computers to cell phones, so if your website does not look correct on cell phone screens, the user experience with your website will not work. will be the expected one.

2. Good organization

Organization is an aspect that we should not overlook, an organized site can be the key to the success of your online sales.

The organization of the information on a web page depends on how you want to do it, if it is multipage (several pages) then you will have sections that will help the user to locate themselves and be able to find the product they are looking for, now if it is one page (one page) The information should be distributed like an upside-down pyramid, that is, like a funnel, this way you can captivate the user. You can see an example in our Web page.

The navigation of the website should be simple and practical so that people can enjoy a better user experience and want to return to your page several times to see the news about your company.

3. SEO

The SEO strategy has the function of placing your website in the first places of search engines such as Google or Bing, that is, when a person searches on Google for a service or product that your company offers, your website will be one of the first ones that the search engine will return when it gives the answer.

However, as it is a marketing strategy, it is not as easy as it seems, so if you want to learn more about SEO, I invite you to read our blog: Why isn't my website getting customers? Learn about SEO

4. Interaction elements

The interaction elements on a web page are the buttons or pages that lead the user to find the contact information to communicate with you or the instructions to get to your physical store if you have one. These elements must be in strategic places on the page to Make it easy for the customer to contact you if they have any questions.

5. Design

The design of the page depends on the product or services you are selling and what your target audience is, so if you sell children's clothing, the page must be directed and designed for children, the typography and the logo must be fun so that they attract attention. children's attention.

When we talk about design, we talk about unity, that is, when you create a brand you have to choose a typography, a color palette and a logo that are in accordance with what you sell and that unite with each other, that is, all the elements that that make up your website must be in accordance with each other.

6. Valuable content

Websites are not just places to place the products you sell, valuable content is very important because with it, you provide the customer with knowledge about the products and services they are looking for, so it is good that you make blogs talking about the products you sell. You sell and on your page you have tips about positive things about your products, this will help the customer to be more interested in your page and not in that of the competition.  

In conclusion, a website must have a unit talking about design, be organized with its information, have valuable information and have SEO as a marketing strategy.

All of this may sound very complicated or time-consuming to accomplish, although, don't worry, at Auladig we can help you create your website from scratch. Contact Us


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