What is HTML?

What is HTML? HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is the base element of the web, it is what defines the meaning and structures of the web content. The word “Hypertext” refers to the links that connect web pages to each other, that is, the links that you find in the top bar of your search engine.

In this blog we will talk about the HTML programming language, I will teach you What is HTML? As we solve this question I will give you tips that perhaps you did not know before and that will help you better understand this language. Join me and let's learn together.

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What is HTML?

HTML is a programming language to which Mdn web docs defined as follows:

Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the code used to structure and display a web page and its contents. For example, your contents could be paragraphs, a bulleted list, or images and data tables. As the title suggests, this article will give you a basic understanding of HTML and what its function is.”

After knowing this more technical answer about what HTML is, we can look at other aspects that will help us build our own definition of HTML, trying to make it simpler and easier to understand.

So we already know that HTML is a programming language (Programming language according to Wikipedia is a form language that provides the programmer with the ability to write a series of instructions or sequence of commands in the form of an algorithm) with which the content of web pages, it is worth clarifying that it is not the one who designs the graphic part of the website but rather the one who orders its elements. Now, let's take the sentence apart. hypertext markup language and we are going to define each word starting with:

  • “hypertext”: According to the definition of the RAE:

"Set structured of texts, graphics, etc., joined between Yeah by links and connections logical.”

In the case of HTML, it refers to the links that connect web pages to each other.

  • “Brands”: Brands in this context fulfill the function of labeling various elements that are part of the content such as images, texts, among other elements that are displayed in the browser. So a brand is the way to segment and divide the elements that will be displayed on the web page.
  • Language: According to Google's decision:

“Human being’s ability to express thoughts and feelings through words.”

And in this context we can say that language is the code with which we structure web pages.

Now that we have defined the HTML sentence, let's continue with the main elements of the language

  1. Opening tag: An opening tag consists of the name of the element that is enclosed in the major and minor signs, when establishing where the paragraph begins.
  2.  The closing tag: This label is the same as the opening label, except that a diagonal slash is added to establish where the element ends. In this case where the sentence that we use as an example ends (See example below).
  3. The content: is the element that contains the information, in the case of our example the content is made up only of text (See example below).
  4.  The element: is the set of the opening closing tag and the content.

To clarify it better let's give an example:

<p>the house is white</p>

(opening) (content) (closing)


Those in bold are the opening and closing tags, the house is white is taken as content and the whole set is the element.

After breaking down and seeing the most important parts of the code, we say that it is a set of tags that are used to define and classify the text and other elements that will make up the web page you are making.

We are going to synthesize everything we already know to get our own definition, then we know what HTML is technically, which is a code to structure the contents of a web page, we also know the meaning of the words hypertext markup language, hypertext being the links that connect the pages to each other, brands, the labels of the elements that make up the content and language being the code in which it is written; In addition to knowing the most important parts of the HTML code, which are the opening tag, closing tag, content and element, we explained this with an example so that it was more educational.

Now, let's make our definition. For Auladig, the definition of HTML is: Programming language that uses tags to structure and organize the elements of a web page that will later be viewed and shared through Web 2.0 and that has a hyperlink that will link it to other pages.

In conclusion, the HTML programming language is basic and essential if you want to learn to develop web pages.

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