What does the term Buyer Journey mean?

Buyer's journey

The term buyer journey or buyer's journey refers to the customer's purchasing cycle from the moment they know or hear about your company until the day they decide to make a purchase. This term is of utmost importance in inbound strategies.

stages of the buyer journey

1. Recognition

Less is more; The discovery stage is the moment in which your potential client realizes that you exist, whether through Google Adwords, a blog post, voice to voice, social networks, a reference from another client, etc.

And when this happens you must be prepared to give an excellent and clear response to the potential client, with a well-designed and positioned website, adequate call reception, social networks with good comments, etc.

2. Consideration

At this stage the client is already clear about what challenges they need to solve, and is in a phase in which they are investigating what is the most correct way to overcome them; As a company, it is important to give tools (technical sheets, success stories, possible solutions to the problem, testimonials) to the client to understand how to solve this challenge in order to be taken into account in the decision stage.

3. Decision

It is the final phase and the potential client is already clear about how they can overcome their challenge. They are already at a stage in which they are looking for the best options to solve their problem; As suppliers, we must identify who makes the decision and show them how it is possible to help solve them by providing highly relevant information about the service or product that is best for them.


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