Google My Business Statistics

Google My Business Statistics

It is evident that, in the current way of conducting business, traditional tools to know the balance sheet and general state of our company are necessary. However, to compete with other companies, they are not sufficient tools. To obtain true, accurate and useful information about the state of our company, it is advisable to have Google My Business statistics. Here we will tell you what Google My Business statistics are, how you can interpret them, and how they can contribute to the growth of your commercial activity.

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Now, before entering into the Google MY Business statistics, it is necessary to briefly know what Google My Business is, what it is for and how the statistics it offers are the essential input to positively influence local SEO positioning. So, let's see.

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What can Google My Business offer?

Google My Business, in short, gives you the opportunity to appear in the search results of people near your location when they search for keywords related to your business or activity.

For example, if you own a tennis store and have optimized your Google My Business presence to stand out online, anyone near your store who searches for “Tennis Stores” will immediately see a listing on their phone with information about your business.

The information that appears on this sheet, visible to potential clients, is provided by you. Therefore, it is crucial to provide accurate information on:

1. The name of your store.
2. The type of commercial activity you carry out.
3. Hours of operation.
4. Contact details, such as your website, emails and phone numbers.
5. Attractive photographs.
6. A description that invites customers to visit you in person.

Providing this information builds trust in your business, increases the chances that they will find you, be interested in your products or services, and ultimately make purchases. However, the advantages do not end there. Google My Business also allows you to communicate directly with your customers.

Your customers can ask questions, and you can offer them information about your products, services or promotions. Additionally, it allows customers to rate and leave reviews for your business, which, if positive, improves perception of your business.

Additionally, Google My Business gives you access to valuable and useful information about how people perceive and interact with your company, which is available through Google My Business statistics.

What are Google My Business statistics?

As you well know, Google My Business is a tool that helps you achieve your goals. The achievement of these objectives is achieved through the use of other tools. In other words, Google My Business is a platform that houses various tools, and it is essential to know how to make the most of them. Among these tools, one of the most valuable is Google My Business statistics.

These statistics provide a wide range of meticulously collected data about your trading activity. In essence, they offer you information about how potential local customers have discovered your company and how they have interacted with it.

But exactly what data can you see in Google My Business statistics?

You can see, among other things, statistics regarding:

  • The way customers find your company listing.

When people search on Google, they don't always search for specific terms. That is, they do not always look for the exact name of a store or company. Many times they search in general terms, such as a category, a product or service.

Google My Business statistics allow you to know how customers have found your company: whether by searching for it directly by name, or whether they reached it indirectly, when they searched for one of the products you sell, for example.

  • Where can they find your company?

There are two ways in which potential clients can reach your company's listing. One, through the Google search engine, as a result of a search. Another, through Google Maps. Google My Business statistics allow you to know exactly where customers are finding you.

  • What clients do with your file

This information is especially relevant. Google My Business statistics allow you to know how your potential customers interact with the information available in your company listing.

For example, it lets you know how many visits they had in a period of time, if they requested more information about how to get to your business, if they decided to call or contact you. The recording of this information is so thorough that you can even know which days of the week and at what time there is the most call traffic.

  • Your potential clients see your photos

If we are going to buy something, we usually look for photos of the product; That inspires confidence in us. If you are a seller, the ideal is that you offer photos of your products. Google My Business statistics let you know how often your business photos are viewed compared to your competitors' photos.

  • Popular hours and duration of visits

It is incredible the amount and level of detail of the information that Google collects when we browse the Internet. You can even know the peak time of visits to your business listing, and even the time they spend consulting it.

  • What can they know about your company

This information is particularly valuable and useful if you want to take advantage of it. Here you can find out what opinion people have of your company.

How to obtain Google My Business statistics?

To obtain them, there are several options, depending on what information is most relevant to you. The two main ways to obtain statistics are:

  • Access statistics in bulk

To obtain the statistics you must have your company's verified profile on Google My Business. Simply select the profiles for which you want to download the statistics report.

Select the "Download statistics" option, then, in the displayed tab, select "Get report."

Next, you have to determine a data period for the statistics. Finally, select "Download".

  • Download Google My Business metrics

The data downloaded through this option covers the last 28 days. We can download three different types of statistics: Discovery data, photos, and phone calls.

As you saw, Google My Business is a really useful tool when it comes to putting your business and/or company on the virtual map. Google My Business statistics offer very useful information, on which you can think about new strategies and more effective sales methods. If you want to make the most of this and other SEO tools, contact us. Start your project now.

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