What role does technology play in a CRM strategy?

What role does technology play in a CRM strategy?

To start, we need to know what a CRM is. A CRM (in English, Customer Relationship Management) is a customer relationship management system, aimed at managing 3 basic tasks: commercial management, marketing and customer service or after-sales service. 

In this post, we will tell you what function technology plays in a CRM strategy and why it is a fundamental factor for this tool, since the evolution of technology is what facilitates and improves the customer experience every day as well as your internal management. .

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CRMs are one of the most important tools for companies in the contemporary world. However, CRM itself is a powerful technology, its current evolution is deeply marked and driven by Artificial Intelligence. Are you looking to implement a CRM for your company? Click on the following button and have a consultation with our specialized team.

What is a CRM strategy?

A CRM strategy is an action plan developed by the same CRM tool to automate the processes in which a potential customer becomes a paying customer. It is characterized by integrating a personalized interface so that the user experience is the best. possible


But Why is this type of management important?. The creation of a CRM strategy is extremely important because each functionality is linked to improving the internal processes of your company, and to a greater extent the sales processes.

Without it, it can be difficult to expand your sales process in an organized way. This in turn could affect the growth of your company and slow down your internal processes. 

What role does technology play in a CRM strategy?

1. The versatility of technology

Technology is the fundamental factor for a CRM, which facilitates the process to satisfy customer needs, allowing you to notice whether you are satisfied or not.

2. Databases

This element is the soul of the CRM, with the non-existence of technology, it would not be functional. Databases help us store and organize data before using it to meet a goal.

3. Offer online services

Thanks to this function, the relationship between the company and the customer is strengthened through the use of communication media, such as social networks. It also facilitates the possibility of negotiating and achieving loyalty with a CRM strategy.

4. Allows 24/7 availability of company services

Due to the existence of various technologies, today it is easier for customers to access the company that suits their needs.

5. Low Cost

The evolution of technology makes CRM have a reasonable cost. Thanks to the cloud support of a CRM, companies can derive their greatest expenses only from meeting customer needs and not from maintaining the tool.


In conclusion, we can highlight that current technology is extremely important for the very existence of a CRM because if there were no databases or online services, the process would be manual, that is, less flexible and would take more time. At the same time, the company would invest more money in managing its clients. If you want to know more about this tool you can visit the following posts:
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At AulaDig we are experts in this tool and partners in one of the best-known CRM platforms on the market, called Zoho. Contact us for personalized and professional advice.


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